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LMO2 promotes tumor cell invasion and metastasis in basal-type   breast cancer by altering actin cytoskeleton remodeling刘烨孙伟,杨爽201611Oncotarget 
Contribution of secondary Igkappa rearrangement to primary   immunoglobulin repertoire diversification李淑芳向荣,刘菲菲201610Molecular   Immunology
TNF-α-mediated microRNA-136 induces differentiation of myeloid   cells by targeting NFIA梅世月,刘宇 杨荣存 201602Journal   of Leukocyte Biology
Expression of FABP4, adipsin and adiponectin in Paneth cells is   modulated by gut Lactobacillus苏小敏,闫慧,黄育刚 杨荣存 201512Scientific   Reports
Ifit1 Protects Against Lipopolysaccharide and   D-galactosamine-Induced Fatal Hepatitis by Inhibiting Activation of the JNK   Pathway.常安涛 向荣 201511Journal   of Infectious Diseases
Inhibition of HIV-1 assembly by coiled-coil domain containing   protein 8 in human cells魏民邵一鸣,Lawrence   Kleiman201510Scientific   Reports
Expression of Sox2 in breast cancer cells promotes the   recruitment of M2 macrophages to tumor microenvironment牟雯君 李娜 201503Cancer   Letters 
Differential Effects of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha on Matrix   Metalloproteinase-2 Expression in Human Myometrial and Uterine Leiomyoma   Smooth Muscle Cells王悦冰 李宗金 201501Human   Reproducion 
Phosphorylation of Tip60 by p38a regulates p53-mediated PUMA   induction and apoptosis in response to DNA damage徐颖茜 
LRRC19 expressed in the kidney induces TRAF2/6-mediated signals   to prevent infection by uropathogenic bacteria苏小敏,闵嗣平,曹水松杨荣存,车永哲 201407Nature   Communications
Emerging roles of the p38 MAPK and PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathways in   oncogene-induced senescence徐颖茜 
201406Trends   in Biochemical Sciences
Molecular Imaging for Assessment of Mesenchymal Stem Cells   Mediated Breast Cancer Therapy冷良,王悦冰 李宗金 201406Biomaterials 
Legumain protease-activated TAT-liposome cargo for targeting   tumours and their microenvironment刘赜向荣,谭小月201406Nature   Communications
SOX2 regulates apoptosis through MAP4K4-Survivin signaling   pathway in human lung cancer cells陈思,吕丹,李雪霏 李娜,向荣 201403Carcinogenesis 
BMP-6 inhibits cell proliferation by targeting microRNA-192 in   breast cancer胡芬 杨爽 201312Biochim   Biophys Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease
SOX2 promotes tumor metastasis by stimulating   epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via regulation of WNT/beta-catenin   signal network李雪霏 李娜,向荣 201308Cancer   Letters 
Nanosized copper oxide induces apoptosis through oxidative   stress in podocytes许静 杨卓 201306Arch   Toxico 
Multiple tumor-associated microRNAs modulate the survival and   longevity of dendritic cells by targeting YWHAZ and Bcl2 signaling pathways闵嗣平,梁雪 杨荣存 201303Journal   of Immunology 
Comparative analysis of the fusion efficiency elicited by the   envelope glycoprotein V1-V5 regions derived from human immunodeficiency virus   type 1 transmitted perinatally.郭红彦孔晓红201212Journal   of General Virology 
Fra-1 Promotes Breast Cancer Chemosensitivity by Driving Cancer   Stem Cells from Dormancy吕丹,陈思 向荣 201207Cancer   Research 
CD44 antibody-targeted liposomal nanoparticles for molecular   imaging and therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma王丽娜,苏位君李宗金,向荣 201207Biomaterials 
Atorvastatin Inhibits Myocardin Expression in Vascular Smooth   Muscle Cells李晶晶 郑熙隆 201207Hypertension
Dual roles of Atg8-PE deconjugation by Atg4 in autophagy于中秋 谢志平 201206Autophagy
Nano-Ag inhibiting action potential independent glutamatergic   synaptic transmission but increasing excitability in rat CA1 pyramidal   neurons刘朝巍 杨卓 201206Nanotoxicology 
Immunoisolation effect of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)   macroencapsulated islets in type 1 diabetes therapy漆智Sumi,   Shoichiro201202Cell   Transplantation